Just Passing By

LTJG Boucher passing by Massachusetts Maritime Academy via CG Cutter on the Cape Cod Canal

When your side yard happens to be the Cape Cod Canal you can navigate it on a Coast Guard cutter.   LTJG Jason Boucher, MMA 2014, did just that … on the USCGC TAHOMA!

Jason Boucher graduated from the Academy in 2014 with a degree in Emergency Management.  He came to Buzzards Bay as an alum of Stafford High School in Stafford Springs, CT.  He knew he wanted a career as an officer in the military and felt MMA was the school best equipped to prepare him for his career goals.

“I currently serve as the First Lieutenant onboard the USCGC TAHOMA out of Portsmouth, NH. I am responsible for the overall deck maintenance and material condition of the ship along with all small boat and deck operations (anchoring, mooring, towing, and fueling at sea). I also serve as a Deck Watch Officer (equivalent to a 3rd Mate in the Merchant Marine) and stand bridge watch where I am responsible for the safe navigation of the ship and execution of all operations. MMA provided me the chance to apply for the Maritime Graduates Direct Commissioning Program for the Coast Guard. I was able to commission as an officer and put all the knowledge and leadership skills MMA provided me to the test,” Boucher reported.
 “This summer I will be transferring to the USCGC WAESCHE in Alameda, CA where I will serve as the Assistant Operations Officer. I will be involved in planning and execution of all the missions the cutter will be involved in (Search and Rescue, Living Marine Resources Enforcement, and Counter Drug Interdictions). My overall goal is to one day be the Commanding Officer of a major Coast Guard Cutter,” he continued.

This alum’s career path took a few non-conventional turns. “I want MMA cadets to know that what they are receiving at the Academy will definitely prepare them for what’s to come, but they should never stop learning or be afraid to step outside their comfort zone. As an Emergency Management major, I was not entirely prepared for the role of a “ship’s officer” onboard a major Coast Guard Cutter, however, I took a chance, and it paid off.  I went to sea to learn how to apply my degree to CG operations away from home and to be a part of the sea going tradition of MMA and the USCG. As a Junior Officer I learned everything from basics to marine engineering, seamanship, navigation, and operations management.  It was certainly challenging, but MMA had taught me the importance of hard work and the pursuit of excellence. I was able to learn these essential skill sets “on the job” and apply them to the missions of the U.S. Coast Guard. There were a few challenging moments but learning from your mistakes while always moving forward makes you successful and ready to meet the next challenge,” the LTJG finished.