Just Back From Shanghai

Cadet Narhuminti in front of the Great Wall in China

1/C Kari Narhuminti may have started her journey in Buckfield, Maine but not four years down the road, she’s traveled to Shanghai, China and back! This rising senior graduated in 2015 from Oxford Hills Comprehensive High School (Oxford, Maine) and is now a Marine Safety Environmental Protection major with some serious international experience!

“MMA offers numerous opportunities, one being the chance to study abroad at Shanghai Maritime University.  I spent three and a half months in a completely different culture.  It was an adventure to say the least. We all knew very little Chinese and they knew very little English. Shanghai is a big city.  The metros coming in and out of the city would get totally packed with people coming and going. Being in foreign country, we had no sense of direction and constantly had to ask people where a certain place was. Not many understood what we needed so we usually reached destination via GPS,” Narhuminti reported.
“I managed to make friends from all around the world despite the language barrier and now have an experience that not many college students will ever have,” the she continued.  

This cadet chose the Academy because of its solid, job placement record.  “I did not grow up near the ocean but I always loved it and knew I wanted to work on it. At MMA I not only get the ocean but a hands on learning experience that I can bring directly into the working world,” Narhuminti said. 

In addition to traveling to China, Narhuminti interned with Oceans Research for the month of January in Mossel Bay, South Africa.  The group tracks great whites and identifies any of these sharks that enter the Bay using photo fin ID. They also do population density and species diversity studies in the inter-tidal zone because of the number of people that swim in the area. 

This young cadet has managed to log more than a few international miles since she arrived on campus.  Her travels are far from over since she plans to commission in the United States Coast Guard doing marine biology research for NOAA after graduation.