IMB Alumni Update: Jack Gomes '12 Grad

man in gold one piece worksuit with harness and hard hat on a ship

In an effort to keep recent alumni in contact with the MMA Dr. Bani Ghosh reached out to her students. What you are about to read is a letter written to her by Jack Gomes '12. He explains the diverse fields he was exposed to while he attended MMA and the opportunities International Maritime Business presented him.

Upon selecting International Maritime Business as my major just five years ago, I never expected to have the opportunities that I have today. I grew up locally, in New Bedford, MA, and was first attracted to Mass Maritime for its excellent job placement rate. I knew their graduates came out of school well prepared for the work force and had the opportunities to travel the world, which fascinated me. Attending MMA has far exceeded my expectations and afforded me the opportunity to work for a globally recognized oil and gas contractor, to complete assignments in five different continents, and allowed me to experience leadership development at an age where most don’t have that chance. My decision to opt for a degree in International Maritime Business, with its dedicated teaching staff and exciting class work, has provided all the tools necessary for a long, successful career in whichever field I choose.

While at the Academy I was able to participate in the leadership corps, and was able to develop hard work, teamwork and dedication. I am currently seeing the benefits of this training in my short professional career, and it is clear MMA alums are a cut above the rest. Our attention to detail and dedication to our job tasks set us apart from our colleagues and help to propel our careers. My favorite part about the IMB program and Mass Maritime was our ability to learn outside of the classroom. The world is changing and many of the jobs, which once required a strict office setting, are now moving to the field in which they take place. The IMB program enabled its students to work through interactive projects, group assignments, and internships that got us away from the desk and to the location of where the work is taking place. I have used those experiences, outside of the classroom to streamline my growth within the offshore oil and gas drilling contractor for which I now work, Noble Drilling. Based in Houston, TX but with offices around the world Noble has a long history within the offshore drilling industry and in the past decade become a key harbor for our graduates. They promote safety, leadership, and reliability, which are some of the key mantras of Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

A major benefit about MMA and the IMB Program is the relationship it allows you to develop with influential people from every industry. The instructors, in particular from the International Business Program, have real world experience and utilize this to teach their students, hand in hand with the classroom studies. The lessons learned reach far beyond the classroom, and make the work all the more enjoyable. I benefitted personally from one of the relationships the Academy holds, and upon graduation I choose the best “fit” to begin my career, deciding to work for Noble Drilling. Noble is just one of many businesses that selects our cadets to take their corporations into the future. Our cadets have the chance to make a difference from day one and our results are proven, from those that paved the way before us.

My path has been unorthodox, deciding to work in an industry in which I knew nothing about and moving half way across the world; but all the while I have remained confident and felt prepared due to my studies in the IMB program and the leadership training while at MMA. I will always promote the IMB program and Massachusetts Maritime Academy, as it was the two best decisions I ever made.