Hunt(ing) for Gold

Cadet Stephanie Hunt in front of the Eiffel tower

Who would think you could find gold along the Cape Cod Canal? Not many.  But there is gold there – in the 7th Company dorms for starters. Track down the Company Executive Officer and you will find it – and a lot more!

1/C Stephanie Hunt plays flute in the Regimental Band, is an avid member of the Crossfit Club and is a member of the women’s soccer and lacrosse teams.  In June, she was invited to play on a collegiate level USA National Lacrosse Team in Europe. “I was the only student from this region.  The team was comprised of college players from all over the nation. I traveled in France, Belgium, Amsterdam and elsewhere playing the national teams and some professional ones. I am happy to say we went undefeated and even brought home some nice gold medals! I think my favorite part was the gold medal game verses the Dutch National Team; they were by far our hardest competition. We came away with the victory and the gold medals around our necks, but nothing was more rewarding than playing a group of college kids just for the love of the game. College sports may end quickly but the memory of this trip will last a lifetime,” she reported.

Hunt, a 2014 graduate of Brookfield High School, Brookfield, CT, is currently a senior and current International Business major. “I chose Massachusetts Maritime because it was different, a path less traveled. My dad suggested I look into it during one of our vacations on Cape so I did. I fell in love instantly with the endless possibilities that the school could provide. Along with a lot of hard work, Massachusetts Maritime Academy has already helped me achieve many personal and professional goals. I have had the opportunity to go on two sea terms, complete an internship in Liverpool, UK, and two more internships in Connecticut. I have traveled all over the nation with the Seventh Company band and honor guard. I have made so many memories with each of these opportunities and it keeps pushing me to reach my full potential. Mass Maritime makes you realize how much the world has to offer and helps you achieve even the most unlikely goals,” she said.