A Few Great Leaders

Former First Lady, Rosalyn Carter said it best, “A leader takes people where they want to go. A great leader takes people where they don’t necessarily want to go, but ought to be.”

This quote inspired 1/C Michael Quinn, 2014 graduate of Somerset Berkley Regional High School (MA), to pursue the post of Regimental Operations Officer in charge of the Cadet Discipline System. Quinn is pursuing a degree a degree in International Maritime Business. “The Regiment of Cadets is what separates us from the traditional non regimental schools. It is the reason why twice a year our career fair is filled with potential employers,” the cadet noted. “Focus on your studies, and while you are in your ‘follow’ stage, observe the different leadership styles and begin to formulate your own. Go about your daily routine with motivation and pride and encourage your shipmates to do the same,” he concluded.

Quinn is interested in pursuing a career in either the logistics of shipping or Maritime Law after graduation.

The 2017-18 Regimental Training and Retention Officer is 1/C Stephen Kelleher, a Bourne High School (MA) grad, also an International Maritime Business major. This cadet will work with Admissions, Academics and Student Services, monitoring grades among other things.

This appointment is very appropriate for a cadet who believes that testing yourself is the best way to better yourself. “The leadership program at the Academy gives cadets a way to gain real world experience in developing management skills by taking on positions of increased responsibility in the Regiment. I found that the cadet officers in charge of my own orientation had a great influence on my outlook of MMA. I found the opportunity to take part in this orientation as an officer too tantalizing to pass up. “Last year, I acted as an orientation squad leader. It taught me a lot about how to manage groups of individuals as well as helping to develop my own leadership style,” he said.

Kelleher didn’t decide on any kind of post high school education until the end of his senior year! He plans to pursue a career in maritime technology – someplace warm!