Electric Avenue

Bausch Electronics Class

On the surface, Professor John Bausch’s “Electronics” class doesn’t really sound all that exciting, until you dig a little deeper.

The twelve cadets working and learning in his class are being exposed to much more than diagrams and schematics, this is all about the state of the art and where it’s going in the next decade...it’s the long view.

Science is 99% peer review, which demands a combination of razor sharp critical thinking, along with the ability to dream, create, and think big. In the very near future, pretty much everything will be electric, and like most things these days, it’s the speed and functionality with which it’s delivered that is the new frontier.

Bausch’s “E Lab” presentations on April 22 ran the gamut from fuel injection systems and propulsion technology, to the future of lithium ion batteries. But according to Bausch, it was two cadets, Christopher Pascarelli and Franklin Ragge, both President’s List Scholars whose presentation on “Tesla Solar Panels and the Future of Solar Panel technology” clearly stood out among the rest.

Ragge first learned about the Tesla panels on his commercial ship this past winter when crew members were talking to him about these innovative solar panels Tesla had come out with. When the Electronics E-Lab presentation opportunity arose, he knew it was the perfect opportunity to learn more about both the electronic aspects and design of the Tesla panels. “The information we acquired from research was eye opening, almost shocking given the advances in the field in the past few years.” Tesla has been able to integrate its products so its solar panels could be used to power a Tesla wall, which in return would power their car charging station, and the rest of the house.    

These cadets are learning from a professor who’s shipped out, studied Robotics at MIT, and since 2006 has been imparting his vast knowledge to MMA’s best and brightest, many of whom he says “could have gone anywhere for college.”  The future of technology is in renewable energy, and it’s looking like MMA could find itself right in the middle of it.