Led by Company Officer LT Nehemiah Jordan (above holding the Cup), Company Commander 1/C Thomas Modula, and Executive Officer 1/C Bruno Vogrig, 5th Company has won the Admiral's Cup for the second year running. The two week competition consists of the following seven categories; Knowledge (25%); Esprit de Corps (20%); Intramurals (20%); Team Building (15%); Marching (10%); Physical Training (5%); and Monomoy (boat) Racing (5%).  5th Company also won the Trustees Award for overall "Esprit de Corps" as well as the Firefighting Award, and just so there was no confusion, they took the Marching Competition Award as well. On repeating as Orientation's "Top Company" Jordan remained his usually reserved self, giving "my amazing staff all the credit for this achievement."

Other highlights from the ceremony included,

The Commandant's Leadership Awards presented to those (2/C) Squad Leaders for "leadership, professionalism, and drive expected of all cadets":

1 CO - Jack Olivieri,  2 CO - Lucia Buzzel, 3 CO - John Teehan, 4 CO - John Carey, 5 CO - Erik Salas, 6 CO - Madison Coughlin, 7 CO -  Ryan Dolan

The Cadet Candidate Orientation Award winners exhibiting "high levels of enthusiasm and superior performance in all assigned tasks" are:

1 CO - Kolby Barbieri, 2 CO - Nicholas Gagnon, 3 CO - Jesone Khantikone, 4 CO - James MacDermott, 5 CO - Molly Pike, 6 CO - Zachary Sylvia, 7 CO - Phillip Bemis

The Orientation Exam Award for the highest score on a cadet candidate's overall Youngie Knowledge winner is 6 CO's Brodey Tinkham with a perfect 100%.

The Commander's Awards for the top score in physical fitness are 5 CO's Julia Quindley, and 7 CO's Jonathan Stutzman.