Destination Liverpool

IMB to Liverpool

Although Liverpool is going to be a destination for the IMB experiential learning in 2017, this year it served as both a test and as a co-op. The IMB experiential learning program is an upper class program typically offered at the beginning of the Junior year or middle of the Sophomore year. It is a 6 credit program with faculty supervision.

The 9 students* who just went to Liverpool did so to fulfill one of their mandatory co-op requirements. They worked for a non profit maritime NGO promoting the development of a maritime cluster in Liverpool called Mersey Maritime. Professor Bani Ghosh developed this association with the support of Prof. Ian Jenkinson of Liverpool John Moore's University and Prof. Tine Viveka Westberg of University College of South East Norway. Students from MMA worked in groups with Norwegian students on various projects and presentations. This proved to be an amazing academic and cultural interchange in one of the most active maritime clusters of UK.

1/C Joshua Lausier, one of the lucky participants, noted, “I think the best part of the program was that no two days were the same. This was great because we learned about so many different things and it never got boring. Some days we would be in class studying the history of Liverpool or the equipment that will be used in the new container port Liverpool2, and other days we would go to a conference with Mersey maritime or attend a networking event on a tall ship on the Albert Docks. It was also helpful to have cadets work with students from other countries to research different topics and to present the findings to each other. This allowed everybody to broaden their thinking while learning about different cultures around the world.”

The IMB department strongly believes that we are all global citizens and the experiential learning program was developed to demonstrate global civic engagement to our students. Our partners are educational institutions in the maritime field and organizations in the private and public sector engaged in maritime/international business. The students engage with these partners in different parts of the world in a mutually rewarding learning experience under MMA faculty supervision. This can range from teaching computational tools to conservancy workers in Africa or interacting with maritime students from UK and Norway in Liverpool and learning from one another. This is an excellent recipe for enhanced cultural awareness and understanding which is a vital ingredient for success in the field of international business.

The IMB department will be sending students this upcoming year to various faculty led destinations in Liverpool and Southampton in UK, South Africa, Singapore and Malaysia.

1/C Joshua Lausier

2/C Stephen Kelleher

1/C Victoria MacDonald

2/C Stephanie Hunt

2/C Mark Shay

2/C Scott Ledoux

2/C Robert Stuart

1/C Matthew Senzapaura 

2/C Paul Frost