A Cruise She'll Remember

Demmer on Campus

3/C Rachel Demmer from Rochester, MA just returned from Sea Term, or as she described it "the experience of a lifetime." This was the second of three cruises for the Marine Transportation major, who'll be on her commercial ship next winter before her final cruise her senior year.

But it wasn't the great weather and calm seas, or the Panama Canal on what was a beautiful night, or even the equator crossing Shellback Ceremony (where she laughs she never knew that food could be used so creatively) that will stick with her. What she says is, she now knows she's made the right choice and at the right place. "I didn't know I knew what I know before this cruise. But when my shipmates and the freshman asked me questions...I knew the answers and the purpose for things."

With two rotations of watch, utilities, training, and maintenance over the six week cruise, adding onto that sea projects, voyage plans, celestial navigation, Demmer and her fellow Deckies were kept plenty busy. She loves what she's learning, and with who, like Cadet Chief Mate Devon Campbell who Demmer looks up to 100% as a role model. "She really knows her stuff...all of them do...we're really lucky to have them leading us." It's that kind of leadership and training on which the fundamentals are built for the next generation who'll follow.

Rachel sees herself one day leading cadets here at MMA, and as a Squad Leader for the new cadet mid-year arrivals, she seems well on her way. And thereafter, embarking on a career in the Navy...flying. "It's why we're here" she says, "to work hard and take on challenges."

Pictures from arrival day can be found here: