To Commit … and Command

Vince Lombardi once said, “Individual commitment to a group effort is what

makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”

Commitment is an integral part of the MMA experience for both rank and



This year’s Regimental Commander is 1/C Mikayla Correia, a 2014 graduate of

Dartmouth High School (MA) and current International Maritime Business major.

Also an Emery Rice scholar, Correia has risen to the position of top cadet

through hard work and dedication. “As cadet leaders we make a commitment to

not fail one another, to care about those who we lead and honor and teach the

traditions of the Massachusetts Maritime Academy. As a cadet candidate you

must commit to remain motivated and allow yourself to be trained to be a

contributing member of the Academy,” she counseled. “This is especially true

during Orientation when cadet candidates and their leaders come together as

total strangers in a decidedly non traditional experience. Newcomers must

quickly become comfortable with being uncomfortable,” Correia explained.

“Even though I lived by the water my entire life the maritime industry was

completely foreign to me when I entered the Academy. Before attending MMA I

had never even been out on a boat! Mini-Cruise was my first time on any sea

going vessel. I quickly discovered that I am prone to sea sickness and those

three days of my own freshmen Orientation ended up being a nauseous blur,”

she recalled. “This school doesn’t romanticize the ‘college experience’. They are

simple, straightforward and promise an affordable education at an institution that

cares about the students and values them as actual people. I saw the opportunity

to become a cadet leader which I hoped would give me some real world

experience in human and resource management and I took it,” she concluded.


Correia plans on pursuing a career in maritime logistics management after



Second in command is 1/C Jacob Dubois, a 2014 graduate of Saint John’s High

School, Shrewsbury MA. This Regimental Executive Officer is a Marine

Engineering major and is headed for a career in the U. S. Marine Corps as an

Infantry Officer. This young man drove straight from a summer at Officers’

Training School, in Quantico, VA to the Academy to assist in training incoming

“youngies”. Dubois advises newcomers to “never forget who you are and why

you decided to attend Mass Maritime versus a more traditional college. You will

meet fellow cadets that will be your best friends for your entire life. Motivate each

other and strive to learn something new every single day. He added, “Tackle the

challenge head on. Nothing worth doing is easy, and anything worth doing is

worth overdoing,” – great advice for everyone in the next few weeks!