The Changing Command

RADM McDonald Salutes


(L-R) 1/C Liam Martin, RADM Francis McDonald '85, 2/C Nathan Moreira, incoming Regimental Commander

On May 22 the Academy celebrated National Maritime Day, an annual opportunity to recognize the contributions of all segments of the American maritime industry to the nation's security and its economic growth.  This year is the 200th anniversary of the first transatlantic steamship voyage, completed by the SS Savannah in 1819. 

It is also the day on which the Academy chooses to officially transfer the regimental leadership in its Change of Command ceremony. The Regiment at MMA is an important component in the Discipline - Knowledge - Leadership ethos. And effective cadet leadership is absolutely crucial to the success of the Regiment. Outgoing Regimental Commander 1/C Liam Martin’s remarks to his classmates and to those who are taking the helm sums it up. 

We all know the saying “nothing in life worth having comes easy”. Now, more than ever, I find this to be true. This past year there were ups and downs, and late nights followed by early mornings. Now, as I look back, I would not trade any of it for the world. I am so incredibly proud of everything that we have accomplished. Commanding the Regiment of Cadets is by no means a one-person job. It takes a staff of highly motivated and passionate individuals who are willing to dedicate their time and effort, and this year we had exactly that. When there was a problem...we solved it. When there was work to be done...we worked tirelessly until the task was complete. Most importantly, we did this together as a team. Incoming Junior and Senior Officers, it is your time to rise to the occasion. As you assume your new positions, I want you all to remember three things:

  • Always lead by example...the way you treat others and present yourself will directly affect the future of our Academy.
  • Believe in were put in this position for a reason. Be confident and leave your mark.
  • Never become complacent...constantly seeking improvement is what separates a good leader from a great leader.