5th Company Wins Admirals Cup

5th Company Commander with the Admirals Cup

Keeping an eye on the prize, senior cadet leadership provides direction, mentorship, and motivation for cadet candidates – all in pursuit of the coveted Admirals Cup which is awarded at the end of orientation. 

Broken down into 7 categories, Admirals Cup consists of; knowledge (25%), esprit de corps (20%), intramurals (20%), physical training (5%), team building (15%), marching (10%), and monomoy racing (5%). During the two weeks of Orientation, the Commandant's Staff, who provides overall leadership and guidance for all cadets, monitor the standings for each of the seven companies to see if any are lagging behind. They also work with cadet staff to make sure the cadet candidates are being properly prepared and stay competitive.

This year, the overall winner of Admirals Cup, whose cadet candidates scored the highest points and was the recipient of both the Trustees Award and the Firefighting Award, was 5th Company. Lead by Company Officer, LT Nehemiah Jordan and commanded by cadet first class Michael Dolan. The entire company was well deserving of this hard earned honor. 

Other Orientation award recipients included:

Squad Leaders of Orientation:
1st Company - Alex Monterry
2nd Company - Heather Seggelin
3rd Company - Casey Fisher
4th Company - Luke Bridges
5th Company - Allison Brantley Collins
6th Company - Catherine O’Brien
7th Company - Malick Carpenter

Cadet Candidates of Orientation:
1st Company - Francis Aten
2nd Company - Dane Campbell
3rd Company - Nora McGlaughlin
4th Company - Eryk Michaelowski
5th Company - Catherine O’Connor
6th Company - Jose Villacreces
7th Company - Richard Tenore

Physical Fitness Commanders Award:
Camryn Roberts Capak of 3rd Company - 6:59mi; 50 pushups; 70 sit ups
Dane Campbell of 2nd Company - 5:40mi; 102 pushups; 111 sit ups

Youngie Knowledge Exam:
James Dignan - 2nd Company

Master’s Award - 7th Company, Led by Cadet 1st Class Vincent Fiore
Trustee’s Award - 5th Company, Led by Cadet 1st Class Michael Dolan
Firefighting Award -  5th Company, Led by Cadet 1st Class Michael Dolan
Marching Competition - 3rd Company, Led by Cadet 1st Elias DiTullio
Commandant’s Award (2nd Place overall) - 3rd Company, Led by Cadet 1st Class Elias DiTullio