MMA Fire Academy Program

MMA Firefighter Program

Only Emergency Management Freshmen, (Sophomores  during 2019-2020), May Apply

EM students sophomores during the 2019-2020 academic year have an opportunity to complete certification programs for Firefighter 1 and Firefighter 2 through a Fire Training Academy.  Cadets will be assigned to either the Onset Fire Department in Wareham under Chief Ray Goodwin or the Bourne Fire/Rescue/Emergency Services Department under Chief Norman Sylvester. Cadets will remain assigned for several months and once the training is successfully completed, are then qualified, will expand their services with those agencies. They will then be approved to respond without restriction for (Emergency Medical Services) calls and support work for other emergencies, if seating is available with the apparatus, and attend department drills without restriction. If you are interested in applying for this program download application & signup APPLICATION DEADLINE IS SEPTEMBER 30TH 2019. 
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