MMA Data Byte

Image of a Byte sailboat with OIE lettering

Courtesy of the MMA Office of Institutional Effectiveness (OIE)


Like the style of sailboat upon which its name is based, the MMA Data Byte provides a fast and fun yet informative snapshot of Academy Data to the campus community on a monthly basis.

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May 2019


The percentage of accepted freshmen applicants has increased over the past 4 years while maintaining a strong class profile.

Source: MMA Key Data Elements & Indicators 2018-2019 (weighted HSGPAs reflect enrolled freshmen).

April 2019
348 BS degrees were conferred at MMA between July 2017 and June 2018.   


Source: MMA Key Data Elements & Indicators 2018-2019

March 2019

84% of recent alumni report being satisfied with their MMA experience and education.Source: 2018 Survey of Recent Alumni

November 2018

MMA Data Byte showing high levels of satisfaction among Class of 2018 seniors with key aspects of student lifeSource: Class of 2018 Senior Exit Survey

October 2018

47% of employed Class of 2017 graduates reported receiving job offers from the Spring Career Fair.Source: Class of 2017 Initial Career Outcomes Survey

September 2018

Top 3 Reasons for Using a Faculty Advisor: 1) Selecting Courses, 2) Career Planning, 3) Discussing Current Courses.

Source: Appendix H: Departmental Advising Survey, Spring 2018

May 2018