MC Department NEWS (updated 2/21/2018)

Check this page periodically for news and information from the Mariner Credentialing office.

1. New Checklists Posted: All checklists have been revised. The biggest change is that the MMC application has been moved from the second/sophomore year to the first/freshman year.

Freshman Checklist Junior Checklist
Sophomore Checklist Senior Checklist
MMC Application Checklist License Application Checklist

2. New Department Name: The Seagoing Career Services Department has been renamed as the new Mariner Credentialing Department (sometimes abbreviated MC Department). We are working to update that title in our publications and web-posted materials.

3. New Office Location: The MC Department has moved to the new location in Harrington Room 204-B. The office is located on the second deck of Harrington Hall immediately outside the door to Admirals Hall. The new location will not affect the processes and services already in place.

- Updated 2/21/2018 by LT Bosanquet