Massachusetts Teacher Concentration

Massachusetts Teacher Concentration

The Massachusetts Teacher Concentration is designed to help prepare students who are considering a career in secondary education. Students must complete two courses in history, science, mathematics, or humanities. The two courses taken can satisfy the two free electives and must be in addition to any core or support course requirement for the degree. The concentration also includes the completion of a six-credit classroom observation internship at a secondary education institution. The coursework and classroom observation internship total a minimum of 12 credits. This concentration is available to juniors and seniors in any major. 

Prepare for a Secondary Education Provisional Teacher License in Massachusetts

- Earn a bachelor’s degree in any of MMA’s seven undergraduate programs.
- Pass all required Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL):
- Subject Matter Test (includes topics in science, mathematics, history, or humanities)
- Communication and Literacy Skills Test
- License is valid for five (5) years of employment.
- For more details please refer to 603 Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 7.04 (3) (a) 

Classroom Observation Internship Objectives

- Learn effective teaching techniques and strategies, including curriculum, assessment, and rubric design.
- Understand the operation and organization of a secondary education classroom.
- Gain familiarity with adolescent behavior management strategies.
- Determine whether teaching is an appropriate career choice for you. 

For more information about the Massachusetts Teacher Concentration at MMA, please contact Dr. Heather Burton (Marine Science, Safety and Environmental Protection Department).