Make Appointment With CDR Huhnke

All meetings will occur at my desk in room Harrington 204-B (the Mariner Credentialing office) unless I specifically notify you otherwise.

 Make Appointment With CDR Huhnke

  • Click on one of the silver appointment slots with the label (no title). Please make sure you will be available for the time you choose.
  • When you click on an appointment slot, a popup window will appear that reads "Book an appointment" at the top.
  • What field, type your last name, a dash (-), followed by a brief (5-7 word) description of what you want to meet me about. Here are a few examples of acceptable text for the What field:
    • Jackson - DSN Lab Quiz 2 on Plane Sailing
    • Smith - Help with Vessel Fam knots
    • Nelson - Physical Exam for MMC Application
  • Where & Description fields: Leave blank.
  • Hit Save button at the bottom of the popup window.
    • Now your appointment appears on my calendar and your maritime gmail calendar.

Fair Warning: You are committing to showing up on time for your appointment at your scheduled date, time, and place. The regiment exists, in part, to train you to conduct yourself professionally and courteously in the working world. To that end, you will be placed on report with the commandant's office if you fail to report to your scheduled appointment. If you can't make the appointment for some exigent reason, then you must contact me to cancel the appointment at least two hours in advance.

  • To cancel an appointment: Log onto your calendar through your maritime email. Select the event that corresponds to your appointment. Delete the event from your calendar. This will make the appointment available to other students. No email is necessary if you are cancelling more than a day ahead of time.
    Email me separately at if you need to cancel within 24 hours.