Liverpool, UK Program

This program is being conducted in a partnership with Liverpool John Moore’s University and the University College of Southeast Norway (HSN). Students from the three institutions will be part of this experiential learning project. Our aim is to bring together future leaders to develop a shared knowledge and understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing the maritime industry and to network at an international level. The experience will provide the students with an industry insight into contemporary issues and trends and develop understanding of the different market segments in the maritime sector with special emphasis on port infrastructure. The maritime industry comprises of a high cultural disparity. This challenges the efficiency and safety performance aboard a vessel as well as port operations ashore. Enhancing both the future onshore and offshore crew’s cultural competence will allow maritime operations to be carried out in a more efficient and safe manner.

Making students from three different countries work on joint projects will enhance the ability to work on cross-cultural communication skills, teamwork skills and business culture skills. This will help them become better global workforce members later.

At the conclusion of the program, the students are expected to be able to describe international maritime business practices particularly in the port sector, demonstrate cultural awareness and formulate effective personal strategies for interacting with different cultures. In addition, they are expected to be able to compare political, economic, social/cultural, and technological conditions in the visited countries and to evaluate the international field study using the various business theories and concepts previously learned. The pilot project for this initiative will commence in summer, 2016.

A schedule for the three week location experience is given below.

Date Program
July 3 Arrive in Liverpool
July 4 Introduction Day 
  • Welcome
  • Information about the program and the partners
  • UK and Norwegian Business Culture
  • Cross cultural communication
  • International team work
  • US Independence Day celebration
July 5 Maritime Cluster 
  • Mersey Maritime
  • The Norwegian Maritime Cluster
  • The US Maritime Cluster
  • City tour
July 6 Group work on clusters
July 7 Rising starts knowledge sharing
July 8 Mersey Maritime - company visits
9 - 10
12 - 13
Port Operations 
  • Introduction to port operations in the UK, Norway and the US
  • Student group work
  • Visit and presentation at Stena Ferry terminal
  • Visit and presentation at Peel Port
July 14 Offshore Logistics 
  • Lectures
  • Student work
July 15 Salmon Logistics 
  • Lectures
  • Student work
July 16 - 17 Weekend
July 18 - 19 Future Technologies 
  • simulation and port optimization
  • Big data in transportation
  • Future technology in short sea
  • Green shipping (retrofitting, alternative fuels and vessel efficiency)
July 20 Summing Up and Presentation of Student Work
July 21 Depart from Liverpool