Medical Director, Jeffrey Cukor. M.D., FACEP

The Medical Director ensures that all EMT's are treating patients according to the predetermined state protocols, offers clinical guidance, as well as interact with local hospitals to develop a positive working realtionship. The Medical Director also works with the Program Director in progressing educational initiatives within the service.

Medical Director

Program Director, Christopher Santos. Firefighter/EMT-P

The Program Director oversees the administrative, educational, and personnel aspects of the Campus EMS program and Ambulance Service operations while ensuring all components of operation is compliant with all relevant laws.

Program Director

Executive Director, Ronald Hyatt. EMT-B

The Executive Director is responsible for the oversight of all administrative operations and organization of MMA EMS.  The Director maintains positive relationships with many MMA departments and local agencies. 

Director of Operations, Matthew Keith. EMT-B

The Director of Operations is responsible for day-to-day use of all MMA EMS equipment including the ambulance, SUV, and squad cart.  They are also responsible for the upkeep of vehicle and service licensure. Along with these responsibilities, this officer serves to ensure the weekly schedule is filled as well as any special events.This Officer also will provide direct assistance to the Executive Director. 

Director of Public Relations, Andrew Smith. EMT-B

The Director of Public Relations is responsible for networking with the public, local agencies and organizations, cadets, faculty and staff to build positive relationships. 

Director of Training, Andrew Morrison. EMT-B

The Director of Training is responsible for coordinating continuing education for all MMA EMS staff members. The FTO is also responsible for training all EMT's who are a member of MMA EMS.