STEP Taskforce Student Ambassador

Technical Area
Emergency Management
Energy Systems Engineering
Environment, Health, and Safety
Facilities Engineering
Harvard University Graduate School of Design
Cambridge, MA
United States
Job Summary

Part Time Job

Full Job Description

The primary responsibilities of this position include:
Participate in regularly-occurring taskforce meetings (weekly)
Design, create, and distribute promotional documentation, including “green maps” and other graphic-based communications
Design, coordinate, and implement promotional and informative events for the GSD student body related to STEP initiatives
Collaborate with GSD STEP Taskforce Members to develop community practices and policies, and recommend changes to infrastructure and resources
Research, prototype, and evaluate changes to infrastructure, technology, and materials in support of STEP initiatives
Act as a student liaison to the STEP task force, making oneself available as point of student contact and relaying concerns or other sentiments held by members of the student body
Identify and apply for grants and other financial support from the Office for Sustainability, or other similar sources
Identify, establish and maintain connections to external community groups of interest, such as non-profit organizations, supplemental K-12 education programs, potential recipients of scrap material, art and craft collectives, “green” groups, etc.
Perform routine monitoring of the studio-based resources, reporting to Taskforce, Building Services, and Fabrication Lab staff regarding needed maintenance or other improvements. At minimum, perform weekly check and clean-up of:
Spray booths
Flammable storage cabinets
Waste collection areas
Hotwire foam cutting area
Laser cutting area
Plotter area
Self-Serve 3D printing areas
Promote improved housekeeping behaviors in studio by students by modeling appropriate behavior and advocating for peers to do the same
Individuals should be able to demonstrate:
An ability to communicate effectively by means of drawings and images, as well as written word
Fluency in Adobe Creative Suite products, Rhino, and AutoCAD.
Knowledge of sustainable design practices, material safety, public health, or other environmental and health/safety issues relevant to a design school community.
Having a strong customer service and outreach mindset
Creativity through a self-directed and positively-motivated approach to problem solving
Interested Applicants should reach-out to a member of the STEP taskforce: