Staff Assistant, Energy Management Control Specialist

Technical Area Facilities Engineering
Bridgewater State University
Bridgewater, MA
United States
Job Summary

This position is responsible for the energy management and controls (program, install, test, repair, modify, and maintain) for energy management systems / building automation systems, including HVAC equipment, pumps, vent hoods, lighting, swimming pool, and miscellaneous equipment to maintain comfortable and energy efficient environments for students, faculty, staff and building occupants.

Full Job Description

-Develops an appropriate level of knowledge about the university mission, strategy and practices.
-Oversees daily operation of the university’s computerized energy management system.
-Daily analysis of changes in space use and occupancy/events and creation of matching schedules to meet equipment energy usage requirements.
-Designs and installs control sub-systems integrated with a total system.
-Creates new and modifies existing EMS programming.
-Uses network protocols such as BACNET and MODBUS.
-Creates reports related to equipment operation and energy usage.
-Recommends and implements changes in operations/scheduling and control strategies that result in energy savings.
-Assists in the design and retrofit of systems for campus buildings.
-Analyzes system problems and make corrections both by computer and to perform repairs in the field.
-Uses broad computer skills including ability to customize system software and to build and develop graphic screens required to operate and monitor system.
-Estimates material quantity and costs, time costs, prioritize work and perform job duties independently of supervision.
-Creates web-based server graphic.
-Other duties as assigned.

-This position may require evening and/or weekend work to resolve critical system issues.

Qualifications -Bachelor’s degree in facilities management, mechanical, electrical, computer, or related field. -Possess a valid driver’s license allowing operation of cars in Massachusetts. -Experience with Microsoft Office. -Good verbal and written communication,
Compensation $65,000 - $70,000
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