Shoreside Marine Engineer

Technical Area
Marine Engineering
Fitzgerald Shipyard
Chelsea, MA
United States
Job Summary

Shoreside Shipyard Engineer for Boston Harbor Shipyard.
Marine Engineer with all around general mechanical aptitude.

Full Job Description

Shipyard Qualified Technician with the knowledge and ability to diagnose & repair as needed various systems around the ship.
Strong mechanical background with familiarity with but not limited to; Vessel structure, Fuel & water piping, Valve operation, Vessel drive train & shafts.
Ability to troubleshoot problems, think and act independently and self-driven to ensure productive days.
Ability to read technical manuals, sketches, drawings & blueprints and transfer knowledge to a diverse crew.
Must be physically fit with no restrictions.

Qualifications Strong Mechanical Background
Compensation Training and experience will be evaluated and pay offered based on experience and skill level. Compensation is at or above industry standards. Vacation & Health benefits.
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