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Job Summary

The Architectural Outfitting Senior Superintendent provides a leadership role and expertise to a newbuilding site office, leading various aspects of the detailed design phases, design coordination, and building phases of the projects assigned to one site office. In so doing, the incumbent continually leads the activities of his/her outfitting responsibilities, in tight collaboration with the shipyards’ related management, as well as designers and architect professionals in order to build and deliver high quality brand specific ship design concepts, on time and on budget. Also serves as a steady conduit of information and intelligence to the site office leader and the primary site office team, as well as the Design Manager/Director and key designers. Experience with USPH regulations would be required

Full Job Description

Outfitting Manager:

1. Leads, tracks, and upholds the overall outfitting processes on site for all assigned areas, delivering brand specific vessel interior, exterior and back-of-house designs, in accordance with both design intent concepts given and shipyard contracts
2. Responsible for guest interior areas, open decks, guest stateroom accommodations, appearance of exterior and ship’s profile, etc for all projects within the site office. Not responsible for technical areas such as machinery, casings, HVAC rooms, etc.
3. Controls and coordinates eventual modifications within these areas with designers and architects. Prepares the Modification requests for changes in areas and coordinates these aspects with the Manager, Architectural Outfitting, or, Project Manager/Director, informing appropriate team members.
4. Organizes planning of various architect, designer, lighting design, catering equipment, artwork, signage coordination meetings, visits, and inspections, in tight synchronization with delivering to shipyard milestones
5. Conducts design intent drawing reviews, detail drawing reviews, factory visits, mockup reviews, and inspections, including:
a. Pre-checks of architectural materials prior to forwarding it to the yard - ensures that it follows the design standards and guidelines and is within the planned cost frame
b. Ensurance that the reference levels are obtained and the scope and quality of the yard follow the approved architect material
c. Coordination of all design issues and border/transition areas
d. Occasional delegation to architectural outfitting superintendents, and validation of quality of their work by self checking,
6. Leads mock-up reviews and first of production inspection of public spaces, guest staterooms,corridors, etc for assigned responsibilities
7. Tracks and reports on detailed design & design building/production progress, focusing on time schedules, critical path milestones, costs, completion of inspections, quantity/closure of remarks, and while keeping strong focus on quality, in accordance to contract and/or in accordance with subsequent approved modifications, communicating the same in a simple and clear manner. Reports same to Manager, Outfitting, or Project Director, and Newbuild Architectural Design Dept on regular basis. Gives high level input for reports for Executives.
8. Leads an efficient supervision process ensuring that design goals, design quality and design standards/guidelines are met, projects are on budget, ship readiness is on time. Frequently visits the shipyard site, spending solid and routine time walking onboard the vessels as they are under construction, up to and beyond delivery until such time they are successfully in service. Occasionally leads efforts by outfitting & hotel superintendents & consultants, ensuring a continual evaluation of the quality and suitability of their work,
9. Supports Manager, Architectural Outfitting, or Project Director as a co-lead for a high quality Chief Design Review process, in collaboration with the shipyard, and the Miami Architectural Design management, bringing key design status and issues to the forefront, along with risk detection and mitigation. Presents large to small-scale presentations at executive level, using a variety of media to succinctly and articulately convey issues and give recommendations
10. Owns cost management of cost complexity in all responsible interior, exterior areas, including art installations, signage, architectural lighting, etc. Keeps Manager, Architectural Outfitting, or, Project Director regularly informed.
11. Maintains good relations with shipyard leadership and management in related area, along with shipyard’s area coordinators and turn-key contractors.
12. May be called upon occasionally for design related pre-contract negotiations for research & development projects. Prepares specification (outline and detail) for projects and updates specifications based on discussions with internal departments. May be similarly called upon to collaborate with others in new white paper prototype projects, bringing ideas, experience and guidance.
13. Provides professional development of staff through experience sharing, mentoring, and feedback
14. Effectively communicates the department’s values and culture through words and actions.
15. Additional responsibilities may be assigned based on the scope of the project
Participation of managing of costs within one prototype projects, for costs in range of $100m each or more, plus sister projects, simultaneously.
1. Minimum 15 years with the cruise ship industry, combined with on site construction, with familiarity of strong shipbuilding processes, site surveys and marine standards.
2. Proven knowledge of SOLAS and IMO
3. Bachelor’s degree or equivalent required. Architectural and/or naval architecture degree preferred.

Qualifications Naval Architecture, Marine Engineering, Outfitting, Refurbishment, New Build, Dry-dock
Compensation $80,000 - $100,000.00
Contact Information newbuildrecruiting@rccl.com