Operations & Maintenance Tech iii

Facilities Engineering
Pinetree Power - Tamworth LLC
Tamworth, NH
United States

Responsible for carrying out the duties assigned by the Plant Management Team to ensure safe, proper and efficient plant operation of power generation equipment including but not limited to the following; turbine generators, steam boilers, pumps, air compressors, conveyor belt systems, fans, electric motors, ash conveying system, mobile equipment and other equipment

• Responsible for the safe, proper and efficient operation of all machinery and related equipment as directed by the Unit Supervisor.
• Responsible to report and keep the appropriate personnel informed by communicating verbally and in writing all pertinent information amongst the shift, between shifts, production support personnel and management personnel.
• Know and understand the normal operating condition of each piece of plant equipment and be aware of the present operating condition of each piece of plant equipment.
• Perform hourly rounds and other round schedules as outlined in shift procedures. Record and ensure that plant operating logs are kept current and accurate.
• Perform necessary tasks for the removal of bottom ash.
• Perform daily housekeeping tasks and any other housekeeping tasks as assigned by Unit Supervisors.
• Responsible for knowing and following the Operations and Procedures Manual, the Casualty Procedures Manual and any updates or revisions to these manuals.
• Responsible for performing maintenance corrective action of any abnormal operating condition to rectify the problem if it is within the ability to be performed safely and properly.
• Required to provide relief and support in other job classifications including but not limited to Auxiliary Equipment Operator.
• Understand the operation and normal operating conditions of all fuel unloading, processing and conveying equipment.
• Responsible for performing assigned maintenance tasks as directed by the Plant Management Team
• Perform regular and routine testing & treatment of boiler water and cooling system water as directed.
• Responsible for vacation/emergency relief as defined by the "Emergency Shift Coverage" schedule. This schedule may require coverage of the Auxiliary Operator position. Also, may be required to work overtime as deemed necessary by the Plant Management Team .

BS or AA Degree in Engineering preferred.
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