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We are seeking an entry level person for the position of "Marine Petroleum Surveyor". This is a land based job working aboard Tanker Vessels and barges (while in port) that deliver petroleum products to terminals within the Boston / Providence region. The position entails providing quality control services for the movement of these products. Experience working within the marine environment is preferred. Working around water and at heights and in all weather conditions required. Must be flexible with the work schedule as it we must accommodate the 24 hr nature of the marine industry. Good math skills required. Must have clean driving record. Basic computer knowledge required. This is a full time position with contribution health benefits and 401K plans offered. Bureau Veritas is a world wide leader in the Quality Control industry and was founded in 1845. BV has 42 commodity offices within the US and hundreds world wide within 6 different product divisions providing much room for career growth. Interested Candidates should click on this link (or cut and paste) and apply.

As an alternate, you may also fax your resume to 1-866-737-2045.

Thank you.

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$41K - $60K Based on 40 hrs and experience. OT is available
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