Junior Business Analyst

Mitsubishi International Corporation
Houston, TX
United States

A junior business analyst’s role is to assist the Commodity Chemicals Divisional Company’s (CCDC) management team in gathering, documenting market information, validating, and then presenting how that information will relate to the future business needs of CCDC.

The job description of the junior business analyst is to carry out in-depth evaluations, verify the capabilities of competitors, analyze market movements/trends, and forecast commodity movements to help ensure that CCDC is moving in the correct business direction.

Once the requirements of the project have been established, it’s the responsibility of the junior analyst to ensure that the necessary actions are being implemented accordingly.

He/she works closely with management in order to identify each department’s business needs and establish solutions to reach maximum efficiency and benefits.
He/she carefully assesses and analyzes the business implications involved.

As an analyst, he/she is always on the move, sourcing, documenting, and preparing reports that can be used for improving services in the organization.

As a business expert, he/she makes it a priority to stay up to date with the latest trends and developments in the business world as their knowledge of these makes them an authority in their field

30 • Create, design and present daily/weekly/biweekly market reports as requested by the management team

30 • Carryout analysis of market movement by checking for industry trends that are impacting the business needs on a daily basis

20 • Identify new market opportunities
10 • Create databases and capture market data. Convert complex data and findings into understandable tables, graphs and written reports

10 • Conduct secondary research, including finding information from industry associations, statisticians and marketing experts

100% TOTAL

Knowledge and Skills
• Required:
o Have the ability to plan, organize, and structure work.
o Highly skilled in Excel, Word and PowerPoint.
o Showcase good analytical and evaluative skills in tasks.
o Showcase good written and oral communication skills.
o Ability to multitask.
o Have good interpersonal skills.
o Be a team player.
• Preferred:
o Have studied Japanese culture
o Have played team sports

Relevant Experience and Education
• Education/Training: Bachelor’s degree

$55,000 annually