Environmental Compliance Manager

Technical Area
Energy Systems Engineering
Environment, Health, and Safety
Wheelabrator Technologies
Saugus, MA
United States
Job Summary

Possess knowledge and understanding of environmental, regulations and standards as well as a having a strong presence in the facility to coordinate, direct and monitor all plant environmental compliance, programs, issues and results. Assist the Plant Manager in developing, monitoring and instituting programs and procedures to ensure environmentally compliant, and legal operation and maintenance of the facility.

Full Job Description

Wheelabrator Technologies is the second largest U.S. energy-from-waste business, and is an industry leader in the conversion of everyday residential and business waste into clean energy. Wheelabrator has a platform of 23 power-producing assets across the U.S. and U.K.—19 energy-from-waste facilities, four independent power plants as well as four ash monofills and one transfer stations. Wheelabrator has an annual waste processing capacity of over 7.5 million tons, and a total combined electric generating capacity of 853 megawatts—enough energy to power more than 805,000 homes. Wheelabrator also recovers metals for recycling into commercial products. The company’s vision To develop, deliver and realize the potential of clean energy speaks to Wheelabrator’s ongoing commitment to the development of clean energy solutions for its customers and local communities.

For more on Wheelabrator, please visit www.wtienergy.com.

We currently have an opening for an Environmental Compliance Manager at our Saugus Facility in Saugus, MA.

Essential Functions:

1) Implements and follows policies and procedures necessary to meet requirements of environmental, policies, and federal, state, county or local environmental, regulations, laws, and standards and corporate environmental policies and standards.
2) Implement Wheelabrator’s environmental, training programs for facilities. Arrange, coordinate and perform environmental training, including new employee (on-boarding) orientation and on-going training programs. Evaluate training methods and presentations used by Shift Supervisors and Work Group leaders.
3) Develops and implements monitoring programs for, solid waste generation and water discharges to meet the requirements of federal and state regulations, laws and regulations, and corporate environmental, health and safety policies.
4) Implements, follows and assists in enforcement of corporate policies and procedures to assure an environmental compliant, safe workplace for all employees, contractors, and visitors.
5) Maintains compliance with company internal policies and procedures to address loss prevention and control.
6) Monitors the plant’s operation in compliance with all federal, state, county and local operating permits.
7) Conducts plant environmental, inspections and prepares reports.
8) Ability to act as Plant Emergency Coordinator.
9) Plant point of contact for communication, documentation and reporting to all agencies.
10) Maintains accurate filing system for environmental compliance records, including permit applications, permits, records, operating logs, test reports and monitoring reports.
11) Maintains internal reporting and information systems and communicates non-compliance events, public/media issues, and environmental testing/inspection activities to facility and Headquarters personnel.
12) Assists the Plant Manager and Headquarters personnel in reporting of non-compliance events to federal, state, county, or local regulatory agencies. Assists corporate personnel as directed in ensuring that company and regulatory requirements are met in other WTI facilities.
13) Incident Management-assemble report for each environmental compliance incident. Lead Root-cause evidence gathering; perform evidence collection and stakeholder meetings.
14) Training and Drills – Assist Safety Manager to plan, evaluate, and critique emergency Drills. Invite fire department and emergency service to walk the facility and to participate in drills annually.
15) Attend and participate in plant morning meetings to evaluate management commitment, function, and effectiveness. Provide input on environmental compliance related matters, continuous improvement projects, share best practices; keep abreast of current plant issues. Periodically meet with Plant Manager and Operations Manager to discuss hot/open environmental compliance issues, requests for information, regulatory interpretations, AFE/change management input, etc.
16) Must acquire skills to learn and operate corporate software and hardware for Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Acquisition, EHS compliance assurance calendar, incident reporting and audit management, preventative maintenance, document control, and PI process data.
17) Completes on-boarding training programs within the time frame prescribed, and requests support from corporate EHS staff when necessary.
18) Follows standard environmental and safety procedures, corrects safety and environmental hazards.
19) Reads, understands, and implements environmental rules as described in company documents such as the Rules Books and other procedure manuals.
20) Communicates clearly and concisely both verbally and in writing; as well as communicates clearly whether using in-situ intercom system, two-way radio or face to face.
21) Anticipates typical problems, identifies potential or recurring problems, and takes appropriate action.
22) Recordkeeping – Complete all entries in Company Incident Management System within 2 days after the incident has occurred. Complete all EHS Database weekly entries.
23) Professional Development (PD) – develop annual PD goals and improvement tasks.
24) Assists corporate personnel as directed in ensuring company and regulatory requirements are met in other WTI facilities.
25) Participate in Corporate conference calls.
26) Participate in school programs, tours, and other public presentations as appropriate.
27) Support compliance with Wheelabrator’s health & safety programs and procedures to ensure a safe workplace for all employees, contractors, and visitors. Assist in enforcement of health and safety policies and procedures. Actively verify that employees comply with Safety Rules Book, Risk Analysis, Safe Job Briefings, and State and Federal Regulations. Assist in intervention/counseling of employees. .
28) Support PMO (Corporate Project Management Office) projects as directed.
29) Performs other duties, as assigned
30) Completes the weekly EHS report for each facility where there is responsibility by Friday to ensure Corporate EHS has time to review.


• Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering, Environmental or Science, or equivalent, in or related to EHS.
• 5 or more years of experience with environmental compliance programs, preferably in an electric power generating facility or operating industrial facility. Experience with CEMs and emissions testing preferred.
• Sufficient knowledge, experience and understanding of environmental requirements to implement related policies and procedures.
• Prior experience working with local, state and federal regulatory agencies and involvement in negotiations preferred.

Contact Information asullivan@wtienergy.com