Entry Level Environmental Scientist

Technical Area Environment, Health, and Safety
Environmental Strategies & Management, Inc.
Norton, MA
United States
Job Summary

In our invigorating and forward-thinking work environment, ES&M provides ample opportunities for growth and professional development. Working in a team alongside some of the best technicians, scientists and engineers in the field, you will contribute to our innovative and lasting solutions. You will provide high-quality consultation for a variety of public and private clients. This position is perfectly suited for conscientious, self-motivated and team-oriented candidates who are looking for challenging projects and exciting opportunities for collaboration. To learn move about ES&M, please visit www.esm-inc.com

Full Job Description

Job Responsibilities
• Collect environmental samples in a variety of matrices, such as air, water and soil
• Drilling oversight
• Assistance with remediation operation, monitoring and maintenance
• Manipulate and interpret data from various sources, such as sample analysis, environmental monitoring results and more
• Share scientific and technical information via multiple methods of communication, including written reports
• Provide science and regulatory based guidance and recommendations to public and private clients, including governmental agencies, industries, businesses and the public, for the protection of water, soil and air resources

Job Skills & Qualifications
• Bachelor’s degree in related field
• 0-2 years experience
• Self-motivated personality with the ability to manage own time
• Strong written and verbal communication skills
• 40 hour OSHA Hazwoper training preferred

Qualifications see job description
Compensation based on experience
Contact Information Daniel Batchelder, 508-226-1800, dbatchelder@esm-inc.com