Commissioning / Retro-commissioning Program Manager

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Washington, DC, DC
United States

Manager for a technical organization comprised of a staff with diverse backgrounds that perform energy management, building commissioning, capital project management, and strategic facility planning. We offer a unique environment that fosters both personal and professional growth.

Our engineers understand what matters to our clients throughout the course of their building and renovation projects. We're always seeking ways to save on overall costs, optimize systems, and create projects that fit the mission of the clients we serve.

Our clients look to us for our engineering and industry experience to positively impact their community, while delivering unparalleled service. A commitment to excellence is deeply rooted in a strong sense of tradition in the marketplace. Our team achieves aggressive guaranteed energy reduction goals, and delivers buildings that perform optimally, all within budget and schedule.

•Lead and manage the successful execution and implementation of high profile and complex building commissioning, retro-commissioning projects for a single, high-profile client in Washington D.C.
•Routinely interface with the Leadership of the Operations and Construction teams on campus to ensure their individual concerns are accurately implemented in the field.
•Partner with the facilities operations team to provide a trusted resource for technical leadership and assist with complex technical issues.
•Provide oversight and owner representation of subcontractors in the their completion of the construction and functional testing phases of new or newly renovated building commissioning projects
•Identify, manage and implement a RCx process that drives energy savings
•Manage the planning, investigation and implementation phases of RCx
•Identify and implement low-cost energy conservation opportunities, and help facilitate the implementation of projects, initiatives, and programs that reduce energy consumption and demand
•Lead client meetings demonstrating appropriate level of technical understanding of commissioning process and agent requirements.
•Direct the organization and preparation of the project through assembling needed project information, tools and work documents to industry standards in timely manner
•Actively participate in commissioning service provider meetings
•Participate in Design Review meetings and confirm commissioning provider compliance with University requirements
•Review and confirm Basis of Design (BOD) and Owner Project Requirements (OPR). Ensure the commissioning requirements within the University standards are up to date and align with industry standards.
•Prepare commissioning program overview reports and maintain commissioning issues lists
•Responsible for commissioning program standardization, technical quality, accuracy on multiple commissioning projects
•Responsible for personal time management
•Planning for project activities and keeping accurate records
•Technical report writing and editing
•Client management and communication
•Communication with other staff including Engineers and Administration Staff


Education and Qualifications:

Required level of Technical and/or Managerial Experience (>6 years)

Engineering Degree Preferred

•Required level of Technical Experience (5+ years); or Bachelor Degree in related field with minimum 4 years energy efficiency experience
•Some level of RCx experience is preferred, but not a requirement
•Capable of developing technical reports that can be effectively communicated
•Strong HVAC and/or controls background. Possess the knowledge and capabilities to perform investigation of Energy Management Control Systems / Direct Digital Control (DDC) systems and to recommend and implement advanced control strategies.
•Proven track record of delivering assigned projects
•Strong problem solving, communication and collaborative team building skills
•Assist with identifying and evaluating energy efficiency measures, calculate the savings potential of measures, and prepare assessment reports.
•Previous experience implementing low-cost Energy Conservation Measures is preferred
•Have a basic understanding of LEED commissioning and enhanced commissioning requirements.
•Have a basic understanding of plumbing systems and commissioning processes for those systems
•Have a basic understanding of electrical and emergency power systems.
•Proficiency in Microsoft Office Software: Excel, Word, Power Point
•Work requires an abundance of walking, bending, kneeling, lifting, climbing ladders, and working in uncomfortable positions
•Must be able to lift at least 50 pounds
•This position covers responsibilities for buildings on three separate campuses◦One covering buildings across 26 acres
◦One covering buildings across 26 city blocks in an urban environment.
◦And the last covering buildings on over 100 acres.
◦The position does not come with a vehicle, most of this is covered on foot.

Technical Experience (5+ years); or Bachelor Degree in related field with minimum 4 years energy efficiency experience