Interviews Workshop

Before the interview: Research

  • The company
  • The interviewer
  • Salary statistics, so when they ask how much you want - you can give a reasonable answer
  • Write down a list of questions for the interview

Be prepared

During the interview: First Impression

  • When meeting the interviewer, look them in the eye, and walk with confidence
  • Shake hands like a pro
  • Body language
  • Smile

During the interview: You

  • Stay focused
  • Project confidence
  • Be yourself
  • Listen twice as much as you talk
  • Don't interrupt or argue

During the interview: Do Not

  • Ask obvious questions
  • Ask loaded questions
  • Hint at desperation
  • Ask irrelevant questions
  • Talk about compensation (unless asked)
  • Talk about relocation

Interview: Secrets

  • The job description will indicate the types of questions you will be asked
  • Interview questions are not tricks - they help the interviewer learn about you
  • Your responses to questions tell the interviewer how you think on your feet.
  • Interviewers take notes, just like you should
  • Interviews should be connections

Do you have any questions: Yes!

  • Always have one
  • This is not a dismissal question
  • Make sure the question is job related
  • Shows interest, intelligence, and confidence
  • Don't ask about salary
  • Ask about next steps

Employers perspective: FYI

  • Employers are running the show
  • Organizations must get the hire right or they may not get a second chance

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