Emma Murray Class of 2016

International Maritime Business Co-Op

"Interning with Crowley Maritime Corp. in Seattle in their Harbor Ship Assist & Tanker Escort Department and a handful of other departments showed me that my classwork thus far has laid a strong foundation to enable me to enter the workforce.  That experience showed me not only how versatile my major really is, but how I can truly do anything within the maritime business world.  It also gave me a new appreciation for our Learn-Do-Learn philosophy at MMA."

-Emma Murray '16

International Maritime Business Co-op

The IMB program prepares graduates to enter the maritime shipping and transportation industry as business professionals. The program includes elements of international business, logistics and transportation.

  • IMB students must have completed sophomore year.
  • Two co-op placements are required (plus an international experience junior or senior year - coordinated through the IMB Academic Dept.)
  • To be considered for a repeat co-op placement or a co-op you found on your own, you must obtain approval of the IMB Department Chair (Prof. Ghosh) and Career Services.

IMB Employment
Students typically co-op in areas of business that they would likely be hired upon graduation. Examples include: ship chartering/brokerage, LNG and oil commodities trading, finance, insurance, ship operations, ship agents, import/export, logistics, sales, traffic management, admiralty law, yacht management, equipment manufacturing, personnel administration, international commodity trading, banking, shipping market analysis, and communications. 

Co-op and graduating employment opportunities

  • American Bureau of Shipping
  • APM Terminals
  • Aramark
  • Canada Steamship Lines, Inc.
  • Clipper Oil
  • Massachusetts Port Authority
  • One Beacon Insurance
  • Intercoastal Marine (Panama)
  • Poten and Partners
  • Raytheon
  • Seabulk
  • Spec Tec
  • TransOcean Group, Inc.

Co-op Project Requirements

The cooperative internship educational field project is provided to you for the purpose of giving you an opportunity to observe and experience the "real" world of business operations in the maritime industry. Your assignment should ideally expose you to organizational behavior and the resulting management practices that lead the firm to success in the marketplace. Your prior preparation for this assignment will be critical in determining the positive benefits that you will gain from the field experience. Preparation must include class work, articulation of clear and measurable internship goals, informed selection of an appropriate business location that will meet those goals and finally, commitment to observation and hard work once on site. In addition, the following are recommended resources for review prior to beginning your assignment: Robert Kreitner, Organizational Behavior; William Ouchi, Theory Z; Deal and Kennedy, Corporate Culture; Peters and Waterman, In Search of Excellance; Naisbitt and Aburdene, Reinventing the Corporation.

 Some of your sponsors may be large organizations that have many resources available to educate and evaluate the intern. Other business firms will be smaller with limited resources. In either case the purpose will be the same, i.e., to gain work experience under existing conditions, apply your knowledge of management principles, observe and analyze the results as part of the educational process. You will be expected to familiarize yourself with company policies dealing with personnel, operations, customers or clients, suppliers and any other activity that might be unique to the firm. Observation of the fit between policy and practice is important Getting experience in the finance and accounting as well as computer applications and business communications areas should be sought out

Good luck and remember that success is the maximum utilization of the ability that you have. Start practicing the basics of the business world such as being neat in attire and personal appearance, being on time all the time, and showing respect and courtesy to all in the organization regardless of position.

The Process

  1. Confer with the Director of the Office of Career Services and the IMB faculty coordinator regarding the availability of an appropriate placement. Register your placement with the Director and inform the coordinator. Personal contact with your sponsor, preferably the person who will be your supervisor, prior to arrival is important.
  2. Be methodical in completing your assignment. A daily journal or log will be required. This will be of great assistance to you when it comes to preparing your internship report. The journal should contain as a minimum, the work performed during the day, observations about the work, personnel, problems encountered, successes achieved, unique experiences, how well you were prepared to handle the work, what areas of learning or experience you wish you had, thoughts about problem solving and any personal feelings you might have about the work environment and the people in it. How well you are able to reflect on your experiences and relate your co op experience with academic coursework, will determine the value of the internship to you as a learning experience.
  3. When the internship is nearing completion go to your professional supervisor and request an evaluation letter which he/she can give to you directly or can send to the IMB coordinator/ career development office. This is in addition to the formal evaluation questionnaire that will be sent out by the career development office. It helps the evaluator to articulate his/her opinion beyond the standard form.

The Project Report

Your internship experience carries six (6) academic credits, based on a minimum of 240 hours. The project must reflect your ability to report factual information regarding the Host Company and to critically analyze the site‘s operations, systems and/or policies in order to offer recommendations for improvement or development. Your grade for this educational experience will be based on your sponsor's evaluation reports, discussions between MMA and your sponsor, and a formal report prepared by you and submitted to the IMB coordinator within two weeks after the first day of term after co-op.  A thank you letter must be sent to your supervisor (s) and a signed copy submitted in your report. The format of your report is as follows and must be adhered to. All reports will be word processed with a table of contents corresponding to tabs attached to the outside of the first page of each section of the report.

Section 1. Introduction

Included here is the background information necessary to establish an understanding of your internship. Therefore you will need to provide as a minimum, 1) location, dates, name of supervisor/sponsor; 2) goals, objectives and purpose of your internship; 3) type of organization (port and terminal operations, freight forwarding, insurance, legal, import/export, etc.; 4) description of the facility and its operations to include your access to the various activities and departments of the firm.

Section 2. Description of the job

Detailed summary description of what you did, responsibilities, failures and successes, lessons learned, equipment used, personnel issues, etc.

Section 3. Observations about the company

What kind of company did you work for? Corporate culture; personnel, customer, environmental policies; attitude about service to the community; competitive standing within the industry, is this the kind of company you would like to work for—why? Any suggestions for improvement of current practices will be included in this segment.

Section 4. Observations about yourself

This is the place to self analyze. How well were you prepared? What did you learn? What would you do different next time? What classroom instruction should you have had before you went out? Did you achieve your goals and objectives—why? Add final conclusions.

Section 5. Appendix

  • Daily journal/log (typed).
  • Signed thank you letter from you to your supervisor (copy).
  • Evaluation form completed by your supervisor (processed by Career Services).
  • Resume.
  • Any relevant sponsor company documents that you want included in report.

Printable PDF of These Requirements & Grade Sheet