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Full-Time Tuition & Fees

Academic Year 2018/2019


  • In-State applies to Massachusetts Residents
  • New England Regional applies to Ct, NH, RI, VT, and ME* Residents (*Selected Majors & Locations Only in Maine)
  • Out of State applies to all others 


  • In-State Students Pay $2,694 per year
  • New England Regional Students Pay $7,700 per year
  • Out-of-State Students Pay $19,140 per year

General Fee:

  • Required General Fee for all students is $4,426 per year
  • Health Services Support Fee is $114 per year

Technology Fee:

  • Required Technology fee for all students is $1,984 per year


  • Required Student Government Association fee for all students is $142.00 per year

Room and Board:

  • Room: $7,340 per year (A non-refundable $50 maintenance and cleaning fee is charged fall term)
  • Board: $4,966 per year
  • Regimental Commuter Board: $992 per year
  • Dorm Cable Fee: $98 (1/C and 2/C) per year
  • Common Area (mess deck, gym, lounge) Cable Fee: $13 (3/C and 4/C) per year

 Program Support fee applies to following programs: FENV, MENG, ESEN, MTRA

  •  Program Fee: $1,276

 STCW fee applies to following programs: MENG, MTRA

  •  STCW Fee: $526

Total Annual Cost for Fall & Spring Terms:

  • In-State Students Pay $21,684 per year*
  • New England Regional Students Pay $26,690 per year*
  • Out-of-State Students Pay $38,130 per year*

*Above Total Annual Cost DOES NOT include the program support fee assessed to FENV, ESEN, MENG, MTRA majors, STCW fee for MENG and MTRA, applicable cable fees, or winter term charges.

Summer 2018 & Winter 2019 Terms:

  • Co-Operative Education/Commercial Shipping: $2,151
  • Winter Sea Term (Cruise) 2019 Matriculated Students: $4,642 (subject to change based on cruise destinations)
  • Winter Sea Term (Cruise) 2019 Non-Matriculated Students: $8,068 (subject to change based on cruise destinations)      

Additional Costs for First Year Students:

  • Orientation: $1,282
  • Uniforms/Seabag: $2,215
  • Acceptance Fee: $400.00 (non-refundable, will not appear on your bill!)

Health Insurance: $2,755 (waiver submission is required to decline coverage)

  • Massachusetts law requires that all students registered for 9 credits or more have health insurance. The premium for Health Insurance offered through the Student Health Insurance Program may be waived if the student is covered by a comparable health insurance plan, and only then after the student completes the online insurance waiver form accessed through webadvisor. Submission of the online form attesting to coverage must be done each year. Students must enroll again each academic year, or if there is a loss of coverage within the year by completing an online enrollment form on the University Health Plans webpage. 

*  Posted Tuition and Fees are subject to change by up to 6%.