Freshman Students Start Here:

Review the 4/c Engine & Deck Fall 2019 training memo, so you can print and post it for frequent reference.  It includes training and meeting dates for your Freshman Fall semester related to Mariner Credentialing.   

Every MMA license-track student must apply for a cadet MMC in their first semester.  Applying for the credential bearing the cadet deck/engine endorsement is a pre-requisite for commercial shipping.

TWIC - Transportation Worker's Identification Credential is the official first step to obtaining a cadet credential.  TWIC is a security initiative sponsored by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).  The purpose of the initiative is to prevent hostile acts from disrupting the commerce of US port and transportation facilities.  The TWIC process is essentially a stringent security check meant to determine if an individual poses a threat to those facilities.  Therefore, anyone needing unescorted access to a transportation facility of any kind needs to obtain  a TWIC. 
How to Get a Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC)

Cadet MMC:  To obatin your credential, complete the Kickoff Questionnaire for the Cadet MMC; provide copies of particular personal documents, make a payment fee of $ 140.00 on the website, complete a CG-719K physical exam form, and complete the CG-719B MMC application.  All the items are to be submitted in a manila envelope to the Mariner Credentialing office. There are two pre-filled CG-719B MMC application forms below and only one is to be downloaded, completed by, printed out to be submitted to apply for your credential.  You will find the information and forms on our webite under the "Freshman" link.  

For first time applicants, complete a full MMC application package.   
Application for Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)

For mariners adding Cadet Deck/Engine to a Lower Level License or applying for both a Lower Level License and Cadet Deck/Engine at the same time should complete an application package.  Make an appointment online with CDR Huhnke to ensure your application is completed accurately.
Application for Merchant Mariner Credential (MMC)  

Freshman Training:
Basic Safety Training is an STCW/Licensing rquirement completed during orientation and fall of freshman year for all Marine Engineers and Marine Transportation students.
Basic Training Information

VPDSD:  Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties:  VPDSD Training is a 10-hour course, 2 day training offered twice in the fall and the spring at MMA.   This is the mid-level of security training for persons who will be assigned to do various security duties such as standing a gangway watch. You do not need Vessel Security Awareness if you have VPDSD.  You will receive a certificate of completion for this class, which is a 10-hour course, Friday/Saturday.  You must register for your preferred date in Self Service; attend the complete 10-hour training and pass the test in one weekend to receive your certificate of completion.  Vessel Security for Persons with Designated Security Duties is a requirement for all MENG & MTRA to complete to obtain your MMC, commercial ship and to graduate.