Formatting Your Paper

A note on Plagiarism:

The Regimental Manual states that you must document your sources:

Cadets and students must clearly indicate any proportions of their work which are not solely their own. To be specific they must clearly and completely document all sources of information. To do this, one uses footnotes, endnotes and parenthetical documentation. Particular attention and care must be given to properly documenting any paraphrases that express the idea or concept of the original source in a cadet's or student's own words. Failure to properly give credit for another's idea when paraphrasing or extracting quotations without indicating that they are another's words, are both plagiarism. (pg 131)

The Manual also states that plagiarism is considered a form of cheating at MMA. (pg 130)

Helpful Resources

Purdue OWL
Purdue University's website of extensive guidelines on citing your research paper
Chicago Manual of Style
Examples of Chicago-Style Documentation
Knight Cite
A free citation maker from Calvin College

Collecting Citations from Databases

EBSCO Databases
When you are looking at an article page within an EBSCO database, click on the cite link on the right side of the page. Here you will be able to choose which format.



When you are viewing your results in ScienceDirect, tick the boxes to the left of the articles you need to cite. Then click on the Export Citations link. You will have several options on the next page. Be sure to choose Plain Text.



Gale Databases
When you are viewing an article within a Gale Database, click on the Citation Tools link on the right side of the page. Then select your format and click save.