Your Questions Answered: Does The TS Kennedy Have A Game Room?

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Many students have sent in questions asking how cadets entertain themselves in their free time. 

Several students wanted to know:

Does the TS Kennedy have a game room for cadets?

The answer is "sort of".

After dinner, cadets often return to the Mess Deck to gather together.  Often, you'll see groups of cadets playing cards, chess, cribbage or board games.

They also enjoy snacks and drinks.

I guess you could say that the Mess Deck becomes a game room every evening.

Here is the cabinet where the games are stored.  Look inside!

Perhaps you will see a game that you've played at school or at home.  

The cabinet does get a little messy at times but that means the games are getting used and the cadets are having fun.

game cabinet

Please keep your questions coming!