Your Questions Answered: Are There Lots Of Signs On The TS Kennedy?

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Many of the classes participating in the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program have asked the same question:

Are there a lot of signs on the ship?

Younger students want to practice their reading skills.

Older students are eager to try and figure out where the signs are posted, what they mean, and why the signs are necessary.

Yes, there are lots of signs on the TS Kennedy

Signs are an important method of communication aboard the TS Kennedy

When the ship is at sea, cadets cannot receive text messages or cell phone calls.  Announcements over the public address are limited. 

Signs silently provide every cadet with the same important information.

Here are just ten of the TS Kennedy's signs...


to the boats sign
fire safety sign
direction sign
fire alarm sign
air conditioning sign
sign for three hold
safety sign
fire sign
restricted area sign
fire screen door sign

Please keep the questions coming!