Notes To Teachers: Get Ready To Celebrate Island Day On Friday, January 13th

Notes to Teachers

Teachers, are you and your class ready to celebrate our first Sea Term Island Day on Friday, January 13th

Technically, Puerto Rico is not a Sea Term port.  However, the TS Kennedy will be anchored off of the city of Mayaguez, close enough to admire the beautiful beaches.

sign: welcome to puerto rico

Even if it is cold outside, bring the island spirit to your classroom!  Invite students to wear sunglasses, beach hats, and t-shirts to school – even if they need to wear a sweater or turtleneck under the t-shirt.    Spread beach towels on the floor to create a great reading spot.   Bring out any summer decorations or accessories that you may have on hand to give your classroom a beachy feel.

If you can, please email me a photo of your class celebrating Island Day by 11:00 AM.  I would like to put out a post of any photos that I receive before the school day ends.


Get ready to celebrate three more Island Days:

Barbados: Friday, January 20th
Aruba: Friday, January 27th
St. Thomas: Friday, February 3rd