Safety First: Wearing A Safety Harness

Life Ring

Working up high is considered a risky activity on land, but it especially dangerous on a rocking ship at sea.  All crew members are required to wear a safety harness that is appropriate for the intended job. 

Last week, 4/C cadets were introduced to the importance of wearing safety harnesses when working at eights on deck.  4/C Krista Johnson volunteered to strap on the safety harness. 

Krista is a Marine Transportation major from Florence, a village in the city of Northampton, Massachusetts.  Northampton is home to Smith College.

girl in safety harness

Check out this brief video clip of Krista being lifted in the air.  Although there was laughter as Krista took flight, the 4/C cadets never lost sight of the important safety message being taught.

safety harness poster
how to wear a safety harness chart