Safety First: This Is Not An Emergency

Life Ring

There are so many places to learn aboard the TS Kennedy; in the Engine Room, on the Bridge, on deck, in the classrooms, in the Navigation Lab, in the Engine Lab...and in Sick Bay.    The TS Kennedy's medical team and the ship's Safety Rates were busy administering an ultrasound last week. 

An ultrasound is an imaging test.  Sound waves are used to create a picture of organs and tissues.  Unlike an x-ray, ultrasounds do not use radiation.  Another difference is that an ultrasound is able to show the body in motion.  It can provide pictures of a beating heart or blood flowing through veins and arteries. 

poster: how an ultrasound works

Fortunately, it wasn't because a crew member or cadet was sick or injured.  The medical team and the cadets were becoming more comfortable with the equipment and fine-tuning their skills.  

As you have heard countless times during Sea Term 2023, safety is the #1 priority aboard the TS Kennedy.  This ultrasound machine is ready to be used, if needed.  . 

medical team administering an ultrasound
medical team administering an ultrasound