Questions Of The Week: Monday, January 9, 2023

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Week Of Monday, January 9, 2023:
Students with free time are invited to choose one or more extension activities that sparks their interest.  Questions Of The Week have no expiration date.  They may be completed any time during Sea Term 2023.  Each week, we will offer additional ideas related to what is happening aboard the TS Kennedy and where the ship will be heading. 

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This weekend, the TS Kennedy will conduct precision anchoring drills off the coast of Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

ship's anchor
This is the TS Kennedy's anchor.

A. Research the history of anchors.  Write about and/or draw some examples of the first anchors used by mariners.
B. Research the RMS Titanic’s anchor Share what you learned in a detailed paragraph. 
C. This photo shows the TS Kennedy’s anchor chain in a pile on the ground when the ship was in drydock.  Research why the links of an anchor chains are painted different colors.  Share what you learned in a detailed paragraph. 

anchor chain painted different colors

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico:
Although the ship will not be docking in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, the ship will be close to shore.  Cadets will not have an opportunity to visit Mayaguez.  Research the city of Mayaguez.  Write a persuasive essay or create a travel brochure designed to convince cadets to return to Mayaguez on vacation. 

Mayaguez, Puerto Rico building

Last week, you saw photos of cadet wearing lifejackets during the Fire & Boat Drills aboard the TS Kennedy


Captain John Ross Ward is credited with inventing the modern lifejacket.  Research the history of lifejackets.  Share what you learned in a detailed paragraph. 

Captain John Ward