Questions Of The Week: Monday, January 23, 2023

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Week Of Monday, January 23, 2023:
Students with free time are invited to choose one or more extension activities that sparks their interest.  Questions Of The Week have no expiration date.  They may be completed any time during Sea Term 2023.  Each week, we will offer additional ideas related to what is happening aboard the TS Kennedy and where the ship will be heading. 

Captain Campbell and the cadets enjoy hearing from students.  Teachers and parents are invited to submit outstanding examples of student work to:

We may also share student work samples in our Gallery.

Mathematics: Why Knot?
Let’s try some knot tying!  A square knot is a great place to start.  Provide students with rope, yarn, ribbon, string, gauze, or strips of cloth.

square knot

There are many YouTube videos that your students can learn from.  Here’s one of my favorites:

Fine Art & Writing: Maritime Art
Sea Term is a great time to introduce your students in maritime art.  The link below will take you to the activity, Maritime Art: Reflect & Recreate. Five famous pieces of maritime art are accompanied by writing suggestions and an invitation to recreate the piece. 

painting: breezing up

Science: Endemic Species Of Aruba
Students will enjoy researching one or more of Aruba’s endemic animals.  This weekend, our cadets will be eager to get up close and personal with one of animals that are found nowhere in the world except on the island of Aruba.

tan snake
blue green lizard

A.  crotalus unicolor 
B. cnemidophorus arubensis
C. Aruba leaf-toed gecko
D. conus hieroglyphus
E.  conus curassaviensis