Questions Of The Week: Monday, January 2, 2023

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Week Of Monday, January 2, 2023:
Students with free time are invited to choose one or more extension activities that sparks their interest.  Questions Of The Week have no expiration date.  They may be completed any time during Sea Term 2023.  Each week, we will offer additional ideas related to what is happening aboard the TS Kennedy and where the ship will be heading. 

Captain Campbell and the cadets enjoy hearing from students.  Teachers and parents are invited to submit outstanding examples of student work to:

We may also share student work samples in our Gallery.

Comparing The TS Kennedy To Other Ships:
On Wednesday, Little Buc will compare the TS Kennedy to the RMS Titanic
Here are the statistics for our training ship:
TS Kennedy’s launched:  1967
TS Kennedy’s length:  540 feet
TS Kennedy’s beam:  76 feet
TS Kennedy’s height:  119 feet
TS Kennedy’s draft:  28 feet, 6 inches
TS Kennedy’s decks: 8

Choose another ship to compare to the TS Kennedy.  Perhaps you’ll choose a military ship, past or present.  Maybe you’d prefer to compare our training ship to another historic luxury liner.  You may wish to compare a mega-cruise ship to the TS Kennedy

After doing your research, share the comparisons as a paragraph or chart. 

Teachers: Please email student work to

TS Kennedy ship

Signal Flags:
On Thursday, Little Buc will introduce followers to signal flags.
You may choose to use signal flags to write:
A. your initials
B.  your first name
C. your last name
D. your school name
Color the flags to match the flags on the chart.
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signal flag sign

The Steam Cycle:
The TS Kennedy is powered by steam.  Research the basic steam cycle. 
Draw and label a diagram of the steam cycle.
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Kennedy Landmarks In Your Hometown:
We’re looking for landmarks that share the name of our training ship. 
Look around your hometown for the name Kennedy.  Is there a school, park, street, store, or public building named Kennedy?  Take a photo of it or draw a picture of it.  Write a paragraph telling us about it. 
Teachers: Please email student work to

kennedy street sign

Nautical Books:
Reading nautical books will add to the excitement of the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program.  Look for books that incorporate ships in your classroom library, school library, or public library. 
Tell us about the nautical books that you read.  Share a written book report or an illustrated book advertisement.
We’ll share you book recommendations so that other students may enjoy them too.
Teachers: Please email student work to

Here are two books that we recommend to our followers:
The Daring Coast Guard Rescue Of The Pendleton Crew
By Theresa Mitchell Barbo

Book: The Daring Coast Guard Rescue

Carry On Mr. Bowditch
By Jean Lee Latham

book: carry on mr. bowditch