Questions Of The Week: Monday, January 16, 2023

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Week Of Monday, January 16, 2023:
Students with free time are invited to choose one or more extension activities that sparks their interest.  Questions Of The Week have no expiration date.  They may be completed any time during Sea Term 2023.  Each week, we will offer additional ideas related to what is happening aboard the TS Kennedy and where the ship is docking. 

Captain Campbell and the cadets enjoy hearing from students.  Teachers and parents are invited to submit outstanding examples of student work to  We may also share student work samples in our Gallery.

Art, Social Studies, Mathematics, & Writing:

Barbadian Artist Study:
This activity incorporates art, mathematics, and writing!  Introduce your students to Barbadian artist, Neville Legal.  This activity can be adapted for participants of all ages.

Link: Barbadian Artist Study: Neville LeGall

barbados painting

Barbados Map: Look Again – What Do You See?
This activity incorporates art, social studies, and writing!  Check it out!  This activity can be adapted for participants in grades K-6.
Click on the link below to view the activity.

Link: Barbados Map: Look Again – What Do You See?

map of Barbados

Language Arts:

Little Buc’s Book Club:
On Tuesday, Little Buc will introduce students to Ten Little Pirates by Mike Brownlow & Simon Rickerty

book 10 little pirates

Invite students to write their own counting verses for a book called, ____Busy Cadets.

Click on the link  below for a blank template where students can write their verse. 

Here are sample verses for the book, Five Busy Cadets:

Five busy cadets
Spotting stars galore,
One went to get his sextant,
Now there are four.

Four busy cadets
Looking at the sea,
One went to the Mess Deck,
Now there are three.

Three busy cadets
Learning from the crew,
One went to Sick Bay,
Now there are two.

Two busy cadets.
Soaking up the sun.
One went to get some water.
Now there is one.

Link To Verse Template:

Science Activities:

Simple Machines: Several teachers have written to say that they are studying simple machines with their class.  After viewing the presentation, Science Detectives: Searching For Simple Machines Aboard The TS Kennedy, students are invited to illustrate a simple or complex machine that they spotted in the presentation.  Below their drawing, student may write 2-4 sentence identifying the simple machine (or simple machines) that they illustrated and explain how they think that it makes work easier on aboard the TS Kennedy.

Link: Science Detectives: Searching For Simple Machines Aboard The TS Kennedy

fast rescue boat with cables

Boat Building: Middle school and high school students will enjoy the challenge of Clay Boats.  Although the activity is recommended for students in grades 6-8, I am confident that it can be easily adapted for students in lower grades. 

Clay Boats Link: