Questions Of The Week: Monday, February 6, 2023

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Week Of Monday, February 6, 2023:
Students with free time are invited to choose one or more extension activities that sparks their interest.  Questions Of The Week have no expiration date.  They may be completed any time during Sea Term 2023.  Each week, we will offer additional ideas related to what is happening aboard the TS Kennedy and where the ship will be heading. 

Captain Campbell and the cadets enjoy hearing from students.  Teachers and parents are invited to submit outstanding examples of student work to:

We may also share student work samples in our Gallery.

Social Studies - Art -  Language Arts:
The TS Kennedy is bound for Florida!

Check out, Florida: Look Again!  What Do You See?  This activity allows students to get creative while polishing up their map skills.  Students can complete this activity with any map of Florida.  The follow-up activities incorporate Language Arts.

Click on the link below.

map of florida

Mathematics - Art - Social Studies:
With Valentine's Day right around the corner, this is the perfect time to make Sailors Valentines with your students.  This activity combines mathematics, art, and maritime history. 

This activity will require some time to gather the needed materials.  

Click on the link below:

sailors valentine

Mathematics: Why Knot?
Let’s try some knot tying!  How about giving a bowline at try?  Provide students with rope, yarn, ribbon, string, gauze, or strips of cloth.

bowline knot
bowline knot directions

Here is the complete list of knots that 4/C cadets could be tested on:  

1) Figure-8 Knot
2) Square Knot
3) 2-Half-Hitches
4) Clove Hitch
5) Bowline
6) French Bowline
7) Bowline-On-A-Bite
8) Sheep Bend (Becket’s Bend)
9) Double Sheep Bend (Double Becket’s Bend)
10) Fisherman’s Bend (Anchor Bend)
11) Trucker’s Hitch
12) Fisherman’s Knot