FTV Project Gallery: Weather Conditions At Sea Inspire A Poem On Fog (Bridgewater, MA)

The TS Kennedy has encountered fog throughout her journey down the the East Coast

That inspired students following from Bridget Hernandez's class at Bridgewater Raynham High School to submit their original poem, Fog, to us.   

Below the poem is a poster illustrating how fog forms over the ocean and a link to an article, The Physics Of Fog

Foggy Days

Water vapors fill the sky

There is something in my eye

The clouds have fallen to the ground

Its blurry all around

The fuzzy air is happy

So cold and wet and tappy

Dampening my soul

Let’s light some coal

poster of how fog forms over the ocean

Check out this link: The Physics Of Fog  https://blog.metservice.com/Physics-of-Fog