FTV Project Gallery: Rhode Island Middle School Students Hunt For Simple Machines Aboard The TS Kennedy

Students at Birchwood Middle School in North Providence, Rhode Island are science detectives.  They enjoyed the Follow The Voyage-Share The Experience Program's presentation: Searching For Simple Machines Aboard The TS Kennedy

The students studied the many photographs provided, pointing out examples of levers, screws, wedges, pulleys, inclines planes, and wheel and axels found throughout the ship.

presentation cover: simple machines
fast rescue boat
levers in engine room
lever on outside door

All great detectives are well prepared.  Prior to the hunt for simple machines aboard the TS Kennedy, the students created the following charts.

student work simple machine chart




student work simple machine chart


birchwood middle school sign

There are five cadets from Rhode Island aboard the TS Kennedy for Sea Term 2023.  Four are majoring in Marine Transportation and one is majoring in Marine EngineeringCaptain Campbell is also a resident of the Ocean State.