FTV Project Gallery: Homeschooler Compares The TS Kennedy To The USS Alexandria

A third grade student in Carver, Massachusetts researched military ships with her mom.  The USS Alexandria caught her attention. 

The USS Alexandria is a nuclear powered submarine operated by the United States Navy.  

She discovered that the TS Kennedy is 23 years older than the USS Alexandria.  The training ship is also 180 feet longer than the submarine. 


chart comparing ship and sub
submarine above ocean
TS Kennedy

Would you like to compare the TS Kennedy to a military ship, a cruise ship, or a cargo vessel?  Use the following statistics about our training ship.  Create a chart that identifies key statistics about the TS Kennedy and the new vessel.  Use these statistics about the TS Kennedy.

Launched: 1967
Length: 540 feet
Beam: 76 feet
Height: 119 feet
Draft: 28 feet, 6 inches
Decks: 8

Don't stop there!  After creating your chart, write a paragraph comparing the two ships.  Use your mathematics skills.  Identify which ship is older, longer, and wider.  Discuss the similarities and differences between the ship that you chose and the TS Kennedy.

Ask your parent or teacher to email a JPEG photo of your chart to ftvsubmissions@maritime.edu.  Your parent or teacher can paste your paragraph into the body of the email, or attach a photo of it.