FTV Gallery: Fourth Grade Students Inspired By Carl Sandburg's Poem, Fog (Jackson, NH)

As she makes her way along the coast of the United States, she is encountering fog and drizzle.  This seems like the perfect time to share the weather poems written by Joan Heysler's 4th grade lass at Jackson Grammar School in Jackson, New Hampshire.  

The students learned about how visibility is reported at sea and then read Carl Sandburg's poem, Fog.  Next, they went outside and were inspired by the fog rolling in from the mountains.  

Here's what the students saw outside their school..

fog outside of NH school

Here is how the fog looked today aboard the TS Kennedy.

Little Buc in fog

Finally, it was time for the students to let their creativity flow.    

Here are their weather poems.  You'll notice that many include personification, a figure of speech in which an idea or thing is given human qualities or feelings, or is spoken about as if it is human.  

Pawprints of Fog

A land of white

eclipsed with colors of brown

the flog slips i to life like a bunny

with feet as soft as the wet brown snow.

It sits on the snow waiting for something unknown to humankind

until the time has come

to slip away

into the field of white

the only thing left

is pawprints and

a wet, damp feeling

of something that might have been.


It's foggy and misty

like an old man snoring

slow and wet like a snake,

a rainy day is upon us


The snow looks like swiss cheese

that the fog is devouring for snack


The gray fog comes out of the sky

like a slimy, gooey slug


The trees are the fog's barracks

and the snow is like a monument

the fog is coming down

like a helicopter to a battlefield


The fog on the mountain

It is slow like a snail.


The fog is coming through the woods

like a mountain cougar hunting


The gray sky descends like an octopus

It gathers everything in all eight arms

until it surrounds us.


Snow is a feather…

but not

With all this snow light as a feather

We still have gloomy weather.


As white fills the sky

The snow melts

and melts

Slow as a snail


A coil of snakes keeping each other warm

in a garden wall

while the clouds wave overhead.


The fog is like a slug

bored and grumpy and sad


Snow melting so fast

as if it's sad

balling out in tears