Ports Of Call: Photos Of Barbados (Friday, 1-20 - Monday, 1-23)

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What a weekend!  The cadets had a wonderful time exploring the island of Barbados. Scroll through the photos that they shared! 

docking crew
docking in Barbados
barbados sign
cadets on beach
group shot on beach
white flower in hand
cadets on beach
walking to dock
barbados harbor
group of cadets
scenery photos
group photo


cadets having lunch
view from ship, dock
approaching barbados
two cadets in cave
cave with wave
ocean shot
hole in cave
group shot in cave
cave in barbados
scenery beach
beach scene
surfboard and cadets
cadets outdoors at night
harbor from ship
cadets at night by harbor


beach scene
palm trees
palm trees
cadets on beach
beach scene
ship at night
cadets by sign
beach scene
cadet by sea
monkeys eating
cliff with surf
scenery beach
Kennedy at pier
beach and ocean
cadet eating lunch at beach
islanders playing chess
beach with red umbrellas
shade at the beach
cadets walking back to ship
cadet catching fish
cadets on jetski
cadet on dock at night
hilton hotel
cadets on boardwalk
cadets on beach
red picnic table
cruise ship at night
cruise ship at night
dock at night
cadet at night
harbor at night
pilot boat
tug boat
leaving barbados

Farewell, Barbados!