Ports Of Call: Bajan Sayings Cadets May Hear Around The Island Of Barbados

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Here are seven Bajan sayings that cadets may hear as they explore Barbados this weekend.  The sayings are a combination of both African and European influences.  At first, the sayings may sound silly to you.  Take a few moments to read the meaning of each saying and think about how it might apply to your own life. 

1. “Hard ears yuh won't hear, own way you gine feel.”

Meaning: You should adhere to advice or you will end up feeling the negative effects.

saying: hard ears yuh won't hear, own way you gine feel

2. “Cat luck ain dog luck.”

Meaning: Because something works for one person, doesn’t mean it will work for another.

3. “Every bush is a man.”

Meaning: Always be aware of what you say because people are always listening whether you realize it or not.

saying: every bush is a man

4. “If greedy wait, hot will cool.”

Meaning: Patience is important and will be rewarded.

saying: if greedy wait, hot will cool.

5. “Don’t tek a six for a nine.”

Meaning: Try not to misjudge the true intentions of a person.

6. “Yuh got plaster fuh evah sore.”

Meaning: You have an excuse for every issue.

saying: Yuh got plaster fuh evah sore.

7. “Every fool got he sense.”

Meaning: Every person is good at something.

Is there a saying that you plan to work into conversations at home or at school?  If you choose to illustrate one of the Bajan sayings or decide to write about how the saying applies to your own life, please share your work with us.  Captain Campbell and the cadets enjoy hearing from students. 

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